Recreation on the Santa Fe Trail
Scenic and Historic Byway


The Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway offers over 30,000 acres of public land which supports a variety of recreational activities.Vast tracts of public land support hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, camping, hunting and other recreational activities. Several warm-water lakes, State Parks and State Wildlife Areas serve as multiple-use recreation areas. Several picnic areas, trail heads, municipal parks and golf courses also serve this area. The Arkansas and Timpas Rivers follow the byway for a good portion of the route, providing many opportunities to enjoy the riverbanks. There are a number of lakes and reservoirs that are located just off of the byway to provide additional opportunities to enjoy the recreational qualities of the area.


Significant Recreational Qualities include:

Numerous warm-water lakes
Lakes include Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake), Horse Creek Reservoir (Timber Lake), Holbrook Lake, Two Buttes State Recreation Area, Henry Lake, Meredith Reservoir, Queens Reservoir (Upper), Nee Noshe Reservoir, Nee Granda Reservoir.
John Martin Reservoir State Park
Trinidad Lake State Park
Comanche National Grassland
The Sierra Vista Overlook, featuring spectacular views of the grasslands, the distant Spanish Peaks and the SFT route; sandstone Santa Fe Trail markers; a bench; two information kiosks (one sheltered); and a hiking trail to the Timpas Picnic Area via the Santa Fe Trail.
The Timpas Picnic Area, featuring picnic facilities; three information boards; Santa Fe Trail markers; a loop trail; handicapped parking; accessible picnic tables; and parking for horse trailers, RVs and buses.
The Vogel Canyon Picnic Area, situated on a spur of the Santa Fe Trail, featuring picnic facilities; horse trailer parking and hiking trails. One trail is wheelchair accessible and two other trails have been rated moderately difficult. The Mesa Trail is two and one-third miles long and goes past old stagecoach stops and remains of old homesteads. The Prairie Trail is three miles long and provides a look at the old stagecoach routes of the Barlow and Sanderson lines.
Numerous public and private property locations providing hunting opportunities. Hunting is an important part of the local economy and culture.
Camping and picnic areas on public and private land.
Year Round Bicycling
Skate Boarding
Wild life viewing areas

Camping Areas

Picnic Areas

The Santa Fe Trail offers endless opportunities for a quick getaway for your family to just relax and enjoy each other. Leave it all behind, even if only for a day and have a picnic and an outing at one of our numerous locations that you will never forget.

Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Watching

There are numerous public and private property locations providing hunting and fishing opportunities. Hunting is an important part of the local economy and culture. Prowers County is known as the “goose hunting capital of the nation,” and in December hunters come from all over to participate in the annual Two Shot Celebrity Goose Hunt. In addition to the many types of fish in the lakes and rivers, there is an abundance of additional wildlife located along the byway. Desert bighorn sheep, bear, mule dear, elk, free-ranging pronghorn antelope, turkey, bobcats, fox, coyotes, road runners, mountain lions, eagles, cranes, pelicans, lesser prairie chickens, and hummingbirds can often be spotted in the area. Comanche National Grassland alone provides habitat for approximately 275 species of birds, 60 species of mammals, 40 species of reptiles, 11 species of fish, and 9 species of amphibians. Contact the Division of Wildlife for more up to date information: Colorado Division of wildlife- Also check out the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Division of Wildlife Local Officers (719) 846-3813, Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer: Bob Holder (719) 680-1410, Bosque del Oso State Wildlife Area Technician: Alan Vitt (719) 680-1036, Spanish Peaks State Wildlife Area Technician: Marty Bates (719) 941-4896.

Hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at the John Martin Reservoir State Park Visitor Center. Hunting is not permitted on the park, but is permitted in the John Martin State Wildlife Area adjoining the State Park.



La Junta has a nine-hole golf course located at the industrial park. Other nine-hole golf courses in the area include Rocky Ford, Las Animas and Fowler giving the golfer a variety of challenges. Trinidad is home to the number one nine hole golf course in the state of Colorado. Its beauty is unparalleled and can also be an eighteen-hole course. Trinidad's golf course has been around more than 80 years. The club house building was designed by Rapp in 1923 and is considered the prototype of "the Santa Fe style." It is located on Nolan Drive just off Santa Fe Trail Drive. Many tournaments are hosted at our golf courses.




Motor Sports

La Junta Raceway has a paved one and one half mile road race track at the industrial park. Groups racing there include the Rocky Mountain Vintage Car of America, SCCA - Sport Car, and RCCA - Race Car Club of America, Best Sport Car of America, Rocky Mountain Porche Club, and New Mexico Porche Club.

May Valley Speedway is located 8 miles north of Lamar. 719-336-9407.

A & B Speedway, 9181 E. Hwy. 50, Lamar. 719-336-7214

Skate Boarding Parks

Lamar Roller blade Park- 1107 Parkview Ave. New skate park recently constructed.

Trinidad Skate boarding Park- The newest addition to the Santa Fe Trail Mountain Branch Recreation facilities is a four star skate boarding park. Located just off the Santa Fe Trail near the Trinidad Community Center, it is sure to provide a mountain of fun for extreme skaters.

Take I-25 to Trinidad (14 mi. north of New Mexico)
Use exit 14A (Main St.)
Turn right at Santa Fe Trial (Sonic)
Turn left at Jefferson (Community Center Sign)
Turn right at the bottom of the hill (Community Center Sign)
Stay left approx. 500 ft.


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