Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway Mountain Branch
Contact: Wyvonne Phillips, Byway Manager
135 W Main Street, Trinidad, CO 81082

August 28, 2003


Santa Fe Trail Mountain Branch Announce New Web Site and Interpretive Brochures

A web site which promotes the Santa Fe Trail Mountain Branch Byway communities, their sites

of interest, events, and their significant recreational, cultural, historic, scenic, natural, and

archaeological qualities is up and running. The web site offers a virtual interpretive tour of the entire

Mountain Branch and many other nearby points of interest to assist in promoting increased

awareness and Santa Fe Trail traveling. The site also has links to cities, counties, and organizations

that partner with the Mountain Branch to promote the Scenic Byway. Future plans for the site

include the addition of music and a language translator to aid in increasing foreign travelers and

the addition of traveler information which will include restaurant and accommodation information

along the Byway. The Byway site will be regularly updated to maintain the promotion of current

events as they develop throughout the Byway.

Several projects including the design and distribution of a new Mountain Branch brochure

promoting the Mountain Branch have been underway. The brochures include an interpretation of

45 sites with historic significance and a detailed map with their locations along the Byway.

A press kit is being developed will include a CD containing images of the Mountain

Branch, an interpretive brochure with map, and press releases. The kit will be distributed to

news papers, vacation and travel publications and published on the Internet. The top ten

itineraries along the Mountain Branch are being developed and will be included in the kits.

Communities are encouraged to offer input to the Byway Manager via email on the web site.