April 23, 2002

Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway receives 25 K seed Grant for Mountain Branch

The Santa Fe Trail was designated as a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway in 1992 and a Corridor Management Plan was completed in 1997. During the planning phase, a group of byway stake holders was organized to represent their community and/or organization interests. This group was somewhat active and continued to meet for a year or so after the corridor plan was completed, working on implementation of key projects identified in the plan. However, over the last few years, it has become challenging to sustain this byway group, comprised mainly of volunteers or agency staff with busy schedules, and spread out along a 188 mile byway covering four counties. This project will provide the necessary funding to hire a staff person to help reorganize the Santa Fe Trail Byway group and continue implementation of the Santa Fe Trail Corridor Management Plan.

The components leading the vision for the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail are in place and ready for implementation. The Corridor Management Plan is the blueprint for the future of the Santa Fe Trail Byway Corridor. It has outlined specific activities and objectives to promote and maintain the historical and cultural significance of the Byway. It is this vision and the direction from the State of Colorado that has continued to foster the historical and cultural significance of the Santa Fe Trail Byway. The Scenic Byways seed grant will enhance the experience of travelers and visitors through direct and indirect benefits to byway communities.

This project has the following components:

1. Hire a Byway Manager to reorganize the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway.

2. Create a new family of interpretive and marketing tools highlighting the intrinsic and unique qualities, historic significance and recreational opportunities along the entire length of the Santa Fe Trail Byway.

Anticipated direct outcomes include: brochures and maps outlining the intrinsic qualities of the byways history and press kits available for media along the Santa Fe Trail Byway. Indirect outcomes of the implementation plan include: marketing the Santa Fe Trail Byway through volunteer activities, media advertising and collaboration of various stockholders along the byway.

Byway Manager

The Byway Manager will be chosen through a Request for Proposal and selection panel representing the entire byway. With funding from the FY 2002 grant, the Byway Manager will seek to improve communications among byway partners and establish a strong working committee representive of the entire byway to revisit the the goals and objectives of the Corridor Management Plan, coordinate completion of existing grant projects, and continue the implementation of the Planned Programs outlined in the CMP.

The implementation of the CMP involves the continuation and expansion of efforts undertaken in the past. The Byway Manager will have the opportunity to promote the byway to visiting groups as well as by visiting local businesses, public and private organizations. All of the proposed activities will encourage public outreach, involvement and participation along the Santa Fe Trail Byway.

The activities outlined in the Planned Programs section of the CMP will highlight the rich and powerful history of the byway. Future grant proposals will confine the implementation of these activities, which will be prioritized, and include but are not limited to: living history activities, development of day trip packages, volunteer interpretive training, additional Santa Fe Trail interpretive and marketing materials, and advertising.

Brochure, Map and Press Kit

Development of interpretive and marketing materials is essential to disseminating information concerning the history of the Santa Fe Trail Byway and its effect on the development of the area. Interpretive and marketing materials are an essential resource to interpretive programs, as they allow information concerning the Byway to become more available and create an interest in visiting the area and sites along the Byway. The original Santa Fe Trail brochure was created in 1992 and was basically a lure brochure. The new Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Brochure will provide more detailed information about the historical sites and recreation opportunities found along the Byway. The Byway Map will be used both as a tool for sharing information about the Trail history and points of interest but also as a teaching tool for volunteers and participants in activity programs. The Press Kit will provide information outlining special events and trail information, and will be made available to the media.

Anticipated outcomes of this project include:

1. Increased interest in the Santa Fe Trail Byway through local and visitor/tourist populations.

2. Increased visitors along the Santa Fe Trail Byway.

3. Coordination of the Byway via Byway Manager, increasing the collaboration among communities, private/public businesses and other Byways of significance in the area.

Byway Manager
 Budget Total Requested Amount
 Byway Manager  $23,000  $18,400
 Brochure  $5,000  $4,000
 Map  $2,750  $2,200
 Press Kit  $500  $400
 Total  $31,250  $25,000