HB 1069 to be Heard by the Colorado House on 3-23-07

Full Colorado House to consider it on Friday March 23rd. JOIN US TO SUPPORT AND WITNESS OUR COLORADO REPRESENTATIVES IN ACTION!!

Where: State Capital When: 10:00 a.m.

What does HB 1069 do?

The founders of our country established the states to serve as an alternative to and a constraint on the power of the federal government. HB 1069 provides for the state to exercise its inherent constraint against the excess of the proposed take-over of ¼ of unspoiled Colorado by Rumsfeld’s Transformation Project.

Eminent domain was never intended to be un-reined. The state, through our system of checks and balances, is obligated to limit federal government excess.

The federal government cannot be counted on to constrain itself. Without the representatives of the people of the State of Colorado rising to its responsibility, what is to stop the Pentagon from taking ¼ of unspoiled Colorado for new lethal, high-tech testing and training grounds? What is to constrain a Pentagon that already has more than 25,000,000 acres at its disposal if the state does not exercise the right given it by our founding fathers?

The Pentagon in its proposal to “transform” the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site by acquiring 2.5 million acres – 418,766 acres in the first take -- acts as if it is the patriotic duty of taxpayers to hand over ¼ of unspoiled Colorado. This excessive, wasteful and destructive demand is made as:

* increasing numbers of soldiers are sent to war without protective gear;
* traumatized troops return to Ft. Carson and other bases without mental health support;
* shattered volunteer soldiers return to a VA hospital system made into a national disgrace from neglect and lack of funding.

If the representatives of the people of Colorado fail their obligation to constrain the proposed land grab by Rumsfeld’s Transformation Project, they will ultimately:

* condemn and cause forced removals of generational ranchers from their land and livelihoods;
* displace agriculturally based rural communities, schools, community colleges, hospitals, and senior centers with Rumsfeld’s Transformation Project’s new lethal, high-tech weapons systems testing and training;
* destroy the last shortgrass prairie in the American Great Plains, her red canyons, unique and outstanding habitats of creatures great and small. Rivers, soils and plants will be made into a war testing and training ground if the representatives of the people of Colorado allow ¼ of unspoiled Colorado to be taken by the Pentagon;
* sacrifice 165 million year-old fossil records of dinosaurs and other ancient life to a Pentagon that spends more than all other militaries in the world combined if the representatives of the people of Colorado refuse to stand and constrain this unthinkable excess;
* see tributaries to the Arkansas River polluted and molested by new generations of lethal weapons systems rather than enjoyed by generations more of children native to this place;
* lose ancient and historic archaeological sites as they will be collected into closets of the brass or locked up in military storage just like those that have already been looted from the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site if the representatives of the people of Colorado do not constrain the Rumsfeld Transformation Project from taking ¼ of unspoiled Colorado.

The Pentagon’s own documents belie the need for expanding PCMS by saying that Ft. Carson has room to train the anticipated additional troops at the base near Fountain. So why this excess? What is it that the Pentagon wants to do here that they cannot do on the 25,000,000 acres already supplied to them by American taxpayers?

HB 1069 provides the constraint intended by our democracy’s founders. Call you legislator today to demand they stand up to constrain this excess! Demand that they stand up for priorities that are in our national interest!

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