Happy 10th Birthday Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway

The Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway celebrates it’s 10th year as a National Scenic Byway. The Santa Fe Trail was first recognized as a National Historic Trail in 1987, a Colorado State Scenic Byway in 1992, and finally one of America’s Byways ® in 1998.
We give thanks to the Scenic Byway committee who worked hard for many years to have our designation come to fruition. We congratulate your dedication to making Colorado’s Santa Fe Trail recognized as one of America’s Byways. A road distinctly appreciated for it’s unique historic, scenic, cultural, natural, recreational, and archaeological qualities and resources.

Birthday celebrations

To celebrate this historic event in Santa Fe Trail history we are offering partnerships and sponsorship opportunities for Byway Birthday activities. We invite you to host an ice cream social, treasure hunt, or take part in a Santa Fe Trail reenactment. To become a part of or to sponsor one of our Birthday events, call 719-846-2396. We’ll bring the party favors, goodies and balloons, you provide the place and people on the Byway.

Reenactment of the "Marking of the Santa Fe Trail"

We will be having a reenactment in partnership with the Daughters of the American Revolution, Santa Fe Trail Chapter in Trinidad Colorado during the Santa Fe Trail Days Festival. The reenactment will be performed with an Old West Town backdrop setting in downtown Trinidad during the annual festival. June 13th & 14th see the "Story of the marking of the Santa Fe Trail". Our Santa Fe Trail DAR markers began conception in 1906 and were completed in 1912 . These granite jewels were placed so our children never need ask “Where is it?”