Federal Highway Administration announces FY 2007 Scenic Byway Awards

The Federal Highway Administration has announced awards under the National Scenic Byways Program for fiscal year 2007. The 276 projects in 41 States that have been selected and the amounts funded for each project can be found at http://www.bywaysonline.org/news/2007/549.

Colorado’s Santa Fe Trail received funding for 2 Interpretive wayside signs each for the CO Welcome Centers, Boggsville Historic Site and John Martin Reservoir. To develop a directional and site identification sign plan for the Byway. A Byway Trails Brochure highlighting wildlife, biking, hiking and recreational opportunities. Podcasts for John Martin Reservoir, Bent’s Old Fort, and Boggsville will be available for download on the Byway Website, you tube and other popular internet sites offering free downloads of podcasts. Projects will be undertaken in 2009.

Four recently completed designs for signs are being installed for Timpas, Iron Spring, and Crack Cave from our 2006 funding. The project received matching funds from USFS Comanche National Grassland. Boggsville Historic Site is receiving six new signs for their recreation trail. El Moro Rest Area will receive interpretive signs coupled with audio sound bites which will encourage travelers to visit the Colorado’s Santa Fe Trail. Colorado Byway visitors centers of the Trinidad History Museum and El Pueblo History Museum are also scheduled for scenic byway enhancements about the Santa Fe Trail. A day trip and tour publication will also be produced and merchants are encouraged to join the Byway for advertising opportunities in the publication, and on the Byway Web site. Purchase of an add or listing in the new Byway guide will come with a Byway Business membership valued at $25. Ads start as low as $150. Call our ad team to reserve your ad space today. 719-846-2396