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Interpretive Master Plan

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Interpretation Glossary

Interpretation - Based in natural and cultural history, this communication process gives visitors an insight into, an appreciation of, and a relationship with the world around them by using a wide variety of methods that attempt to connect visitors and resources.
Non-Personal Services - Those interpretive activities that communicate messages through the use of media such as exhibit panels, brochures, audio tapes, etc.
Personal Services - Those interpretive activities that communicate messages through the use of one-to-one (or one-to-many) communication between the interpreter and visitors, such as guided hikes, information desk contact, campfire programs, etc.
Exhibit - One of many media for interpreting natural or cultural history for visitors. Exhibits may be 3-dimensional (the visitor center type) or wayside (trail / roadside) and interactive or static.
Interactive Touchscreen Video - A medium in which a computer is programmed to react to visitors' touch to change monitor screens. Visitors may, by selecting more and more specific topics, gain a message tailored to their special needs and interests.
Kiosk - An upright, sometimes multi-sided, stand that houses one to several interpretive exhibit panels. It may be roofed or not roofed.
Low-Profile Wayside Exhibits - Wayside exhibits that are mounted in stanchions angled at approximately 30 degrees toward the viewer and having the front edge of the exhibit be­tween 32" and 34" above the ground. There are several standard sizes for low profile way­side exhibits.
Activity Book - An interactive booklet designed to involve users with their physical environ­ments through activities that encourage interaction and discovery.
Low Wattage Radio Message - A continuous-running loop radio message broadcast within a short radius; travelers tune vehicle radios to given frequencies to receive the messages.
Self-Guided Trail - An interpretive medium that may use a brochure correlated to numbered stakes, an audio device or other medium to interpret specific resources at designated loca­tions along a designated route.
Stanchion - A framing and mounting system that supports and holds one or several interpre­tive wayside exhibit panels.
Wall-Mounted Exhibit - An interpretive exhibit framed and mounted vertically to a wall.


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