Santa Fe Trail Scenic & Historic Byway
Interpretive Master Plan

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Phasing and Implementation Schedule

Phasing for implementation is recommended as listed below. Each implementation includes a justification as to why it is in the phase it is in. If partners have funds available for any aspect of implementation that deviates from the recommended phasing, the committee should consider changing the phasing to fit the funding. This phasing does not necessarily reflect the grant phasing for funding these projects. Phase I includes projects from several granting cycles that has not yet been allocated.

Phase I $137,000

4 low profile wayside exhibits (36" x 24")
1 @ Welcome Center — Trinidad
3 @ Exit #1
4 low wattage radio messages
1 @ Top of Raton Pass
1 @ First National Bank Building, Trinidad
1 @ Bent's Old fort National Historic Site
1 @ Colorado Welcome Center—Lamar
1-60-minute audio tape
Reprinting of SECED The Historic Santa Fe Trail Brochure
Development and printing of Las Animas County Brochure
Development of Home Page for Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway
Public Service Annoncements on KCRT

Phase II $182,500

(In addition, a $50,000 corridor management plan, a $30,000 State Park Exhibit and a $25,000 trail marking will be developed in Phase II.)

25 low profile wayside exhibits
2@ Holly
2@ Lamar
1 @ John Martin Reservoir
2 @ Boggsville
1 @ Connector Road
2 @ Bent's Old Fort
2 @ USFS Office, La Junta
2 @ Santa Fe Railroad Plaza
1 @ Hole-in-the-Wall
2 @ Thatcher
2 @ Hoehne (or Model)
5 @ Exit # 18 (El Moro Exit)
1 @ Trinidad Lake State Park
1 low wattage radio message
• 1 @ Pinon Canyon Maneuver site

Phase III $117,105

10 Day Trips
20 Wayside Exhibits
30 Point of Interest Highway Signs
20 Logo Posts
Joint Byway Promotional Brochure
10 Trail Identification Posts
Development of Kearney Campsite Wayside Exhibits, Trinidad
5 Wayside Exhibits
Low Wattage Radio Message from Las Animas
Connector Road
1 Wayside Exhibit (to replace construction topic when road is completed)
Activity Book