Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway 2007 Election

prepared by Wyvonne Phillips Graham- April 2007


Colorado Scenic Byways

The Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway had their election of Officers April 23, 2007. We thank Michelle Stevens (USFS) for serving on our Board for the first three years of organization building process. We welcome back our Board of Directors for a new season of fun and dedication to a cause that is worthy.

And... Congratulations to our new directors, we are delighted to welcome you aboard.

Executive Director- Wyvonne Phillips Graham
Board of Director Officers:
Roberta Cordova- President
Bababara McKnight- Vice President

New officers are:
Meghan Russell Harris- Secretary Treasurer
Cathy Mullins- Membership & Committee Director

To see what we will be working on the comming months click here.

Byway Visions 2007

We encourage you to join our efforts. Membership