Commissioned by:

The America’s Byways Resource Center

Prepared by:

Erin Nelson, Project Coordinator Intern
Mike Tupa, Project Coordinator
Jon Schler, Project Manager
Colorado Center for Community Development
University of Colorado at Denver

Individual Byway Data Reports Prepared by:

Diana Laughlin, Community Development Specialist,
CSU Cooperative Extension

Summer 2004



This report would not have been possible without the help of the byway groups and their volunteers. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone at the following Scenic and Historic Byways: Dinosaur Diamond, Frontier Pathways, Gold Belt Tour, Grand Mesa, Santa Fe Trail, San Juan Skyway, Top of the Rockies, and Trail Ridge Road. We would also like to thank the staff at Rocky Mountain National Park, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Welcome Centers, and the Interpreters at Old Bent Fort and Dinosaur Ridge. Your help and knowledge are very much appreciated.


America’s Byways Resource Center
Deputy Director - Michelle Johnson
Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Commission
Colorado Scenic Byway State Coordinator - Sally Pearce

Table Of Contents:

Executive Summary

Project Description

Survey Findings

Survey Responses Part 1: Data Table findings:

Q1. What is the purpose of your travel today? Executive Summary

Q2. Do you live inside or outside the Study Area as marked on this map?

3. Zipcode

4. Country of Origin

Q5. How many nights do you expect to be in the Study Area marked on the map?

Q6. What are your lodging accommodations while in the Study Area?

Q7. Is this the first time you’ve traveled on this route?

Q8. How many times have you visited before?

Q9. What mode of transportation brought you here today?

Q10. How did you choose this route?

Q11. Which of the following best describes your reasons for selecting this particular route?

Q12. Did you know that this is a Scenic Byway?

Q13. Did that influence your decision?

Q14. Where did you learn that this route is designated as a Scenic Byway?

Q15. Which statement best describes your reason for traveling on this Scenic Byway?

Data Tables: Final Comments Survey Responses- Part 2

Colorado Report of Secondary Data


Colorado Byway Per Capita Retail Sales (PCRS) Data

Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled on Colorado National Byways


Overview of Colorado's National Scenic Byways

Data Tables for Colorado National Scenic Byways Designation Impact Survey: Part 1

Designation Impact Study Part 2

Results Summary of Colorado Designation Impact Study